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Naoki Yoshida zu geplanten Änderungen am PvP-System

Im offiziellen Forum von Final Fantasy 14 hat sich Direktor und Produzent Naoki Yoshida heute in einem ausführlichen Post zu Wort gemeldet und ist darin auf geplante Änderungen am PvP-System, insbesondere am kürzlich eingeführten „The Feast“, eingegangen.

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Naoki Yoshida zum PvP-System

Wie Naoki Yoshida in seinem Forenpost erklärte, wird die kürzlich erschienene PvP-Arena „The Feast“ noch einmal gründlich umgekrempelt. So werden einige Änderungen an der Zeit vorgenommen, bis die Support-Kisten erscheinen und der Blutdurst-Debuff aktiv wird. Außerdem sollen es Heiler zukünftig leichter haben, ihre Zauber zu wirken, da Unterbrechungen nur bei Angriffen wirksam werden, die mindestens 15% ihrer Lebenspunkte verbrauchen.

Einige der Änderungen werden mit Patch 3.22 wirksam, der morgen bereits erscheinen soll. Den kompletten Post könnt ihr euch im Anschluss ansehen.

Square Enix MitarbeiterNaoki Yoshida zu Änderungen The Feast (Quelle)

Hello, everyone. Producer and Director Yoshida here.

Allow me to thank you all for your feedback on our newest PvP addition, the Feast! I would like to take a moment to talk a little about some adjustments we’re planning to make, based on your comments and on our own experiences playing on the public servers. These adjustments will be made in two installments, starting with patch 3.22, which is scheduled for 3/17 JST, and patch 3.25 (please note that we may make additional changes if we deem them necessary.)

System Changes

Match Time Limits

We’ve received feedback that many players feel both 4 on 4 and 8 on 8 matches go on for too long. Therefore, we will be reducing all match time limits from 10 minutes to 8 minutes with patch 3.22.

Moreover, we are currently discussing whether or not to adjust the number of medals required for a team to claim victory outright, so any feedback you can provide regarding this topic would be greatly appreciated.

Improving the Flow of Battle

Many players have commented that casual 8 on 8 matches can feel stale and boring. Because inexperienced players are more likely to divide their attacks and each team contains two healers, it can be difficult to KO opponents.

Therefore, in an effort to hasten the flow of battle, we will be making adjustments to Culling Time, as well as the frequency and placement of supply boxes.

Starting in patch 3.2, players in 8 on 8 matches will be afflicted by Culling Time at the following intervals:

  • 1st stack: 2:00 → 1:00
  • 2nd stack: 2:30 → 1:30
  • 3rd stack: 3:00 → 2:00
  • 4th stack: 3:30 → 2:30
  • 5th stack: 4:30 → 3:00

We believe this will result in increased KOs and discourage teams from playing defensively to protect a lead.

The adjustments we are planning to make to supply box placement, quantity, and frequency in both 4 on 4 and 8 on 8 matches is for a similar purpose—to further encourage the use of supply kits and make matches more exciting.

A number of you have made similar requests in the same vein—that we reduce the number of barriers in the center of the arenas to improve line of sight, that we adjust the rate at which adrenaline builds, and so forth. Rest assured that we are carefully considering these suggestions.

However, to be clear, for patch 3.22, we are only planning to make adjustments to Culling Time for 8 on 8 matches. The aforementioned changes to supply boxes, as well as any potential changes to map barriers, will be made in patch 3.25.

Tanks and Heavy Medal

As previously explained, one of our main objectives with these changes is to make matches faster and more dynamic, and so we would like to address the problem that tanks, even when afflicted with Heavy Medal, are more difficult to KO than intended.

To that end, with patch 3.22, a stack of Heavy Medal will increase damage received by 15% (currently 10%) Furthermore, we will be reducing the medal counts at which players incur another stack of Heavy Medal.

  • 1st stack: 150 → 150 10% → 15%
  • 2nd stack: 200 → 170 20% → 30%
  • 3rd stack: 225 → 190 30% → 45%
  • 4th stack: 250 → 200 40% → 60%
  • 5th stack: 260 → 210 50% → 75%
  • 6th stack: 270 → 220 60% → 90%
  • 7th stack: 280 → 230 70% → 105%
  • 8th stack: 290 → 240 80% → 120%
  • 9th stack: 300 → 250 90% → 135%

We believe these changes will help to prevent matches from becoming stale by forcing players to change tactics, as tanks carrying multiple stacks of Heavy Medal will be easier to KO, and teams will be encouraged to distribute their medals among players more equally.

Casting Interruptions and Ranged Physical DPS Penalties

A great many players had the following to say about PvPing as casters:

  • It’s too difficult to play as a healer.
  • It’s too hard to cast spells in PvP

To be fair, healers who join a PvP match for the first time are likely to struggle, as they are frequently targeted and have much greater difficulty casting spells than they would in PvE situations. This situation is further exacerbated by the fact that Sprint does not consume TP in PvP (which beginners may not even be aware of, much less accustomed to), allowing opponents to quickly close the gap and interrupt their casting.

As previously stated, our aim is to make battles faster and more dynamic. And so, in addition to making supply boxes more useful, we want to reduce the burden currently placed on healers and shift strategies away from, “KO the healer to stop healing” and more towards, “Focus on dealing damage through heals and KO opponents.”

We have decided to make significant changes to spell casting functionality in order to achieve this goal.

  • Damage received is less than 15% of max HP → Casting succeeds.
  • Damage received is 15% or more of max HP → Casting is interrupted.
  • Sleep/Stun/Silence → Casting is interrupted (no change).

While these changes will make it easier to interrupt a caster with a series of combo actions or critical hit, it will also prevent casters from being interrupted by anything less than a committed attack. If players want to consistently interrupt a player’s casting, they will need to adapt their playstyle and rely more heavily on Stun, Sleep, and Silence.

That being said, it was a very difficult decision for us to settle on 15%, so we would greatly appreciate it if you could let us know whether or not you feel this threshold is appropriate.

Many players also voiced concerns regarding ranged physical DPS classes, like bard and machinist, which currently suffer damage penalties when attacking opponents at significant range.

To address this issue, from patch 3.22, players under the effect of Wanderer’s Minuet or Gauss Barrel will not suffer damage penalties due to distance. However, please note that these penalties will still apply when these abilities are not in use.

Job-specific Changes


Following the release of Seal Rock, we received a great deal of feedback from players worrying that summoner burst damage might be overpowered. However, we could not evaluate the situation based on data from Seal Rock alone, and so we were not ready to make adjustments until after many players participated in the Feast’s 4 on 4 rated matches. We have since concluded that summoner burst damage is indeed exceedingly high, as well as the total damage dealt over the course of a match via dots.

To rectify the situation, we will be making significant adjustments to summoner PvP abilities with patch 3.22.

I won’t go into the details here, but if you wish to review the specific changes, please refer to the patch notes.

I should also mention that we have received a great deal of feedback regarding dark knight and ninja, and at the moment we are testing adjustments intended to improve their performance in PvP. These changes are currently planned for patch 3.25, and we ask that you please wait a little longer.

We will continue to gather your feedback and make adjustments to player matching and other systems in preparation for season one of the Feast, which begins with patch 3.25. While many of these adjustments are prioritized for this patch, if we determine that there are significant balancing issues that must first be addressed, then as previously stated, we may have to delay the official start of season one for one to two weeks.

We know that PvP is a demanding pastime that not everyone enjoys, and we cannot tell you enough how much we value the feedback you all provide, which helps us to fine tune this content. We hope that you will keep on playing and keep on telling us what you think!

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